Why Do You Need To Analyse Competitors?

Yaron Avisar, Head of Content Marketing
October 5, 2021
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When it comes to establishing a digital marketing campaign, perhaps the first step to it is the market research. An intuitive start is to perform competitor analysis. And if you wonder why this matters and shall not be neglected, please read the lines below.

Living in a digital world where changes happen suddenly, new strategies are built in a timely manner, and rivals’ online moves occur overnight, it is crucial to know where your competitors are going. It is needed to gather all the good examples and be able to improve your own marketing strategy based on them as well.

Before jumping into uncovering why analysing competitors’ presence is so important, let’s give an overview of what competitor analysis is. According to Entrepreneur.com, competitor analysis is researching who your competitors are, what products or services they offer and where you stand compared to them. This gives you information about your strengths and weaknesses and helps you define gaps and estimates on how to fill them.

Knowing your rivals better would also help you in determining the keywords they use to position themselves online. Speaking about keyword ranking, it is a powerful SEO tool to establish well-known online brand visibility. And if you happen to have an online presence and still don’t do SEO, it may be the right time to dive deeper into researching the benefits of it. Keep in mind that growing organically is perhaps the best solution for any business online. You wonder how your website is performing? Send us your company email and we will create a brief report for you to check how you are doing. No strings attached, we just want to show you our work behind the curtains. Did you know you can get to see results from our SEO campaign in just 30 days by investing efforts into your organic web presence?

Speaking about digital marketing strategy and competitors analysis it is also useful to mention how often it’s suggested to update this data. Having in mind the different speed with which every industry evolves, a certain answer can be given for sure. Monthly competitor analysis is advisory to be done to check on growing trends and update on strategies. Quarterly, to adjust your overall digital strategy. You can either check on your rivals’ data often or once you are ready to implement changes.

If you experience difficulties doing competitor analysis inhouse you can always get assisted by a partner who has specialised at it. Aloha is a truly organic SEO company performing such analyses as a start to your digital efforts. We value transparency. What we wish to show you is every step of the process once we start working on your digital strategy.

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